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How Public Sector Health Care Purchasers are Addressing Rising Drug Costs

Our teachers, firefighters, law enforcement personnel, and the entire public sector workforce rely on affordable, comprehensive, high-quality health care benefits. In the face of rising drug costs, public sector health care purchasers are working to safeguard affordability and access to effective therapies for these essential public servants.

Our white paper explores how public sector health care purchasers are addressing rising pharmaceutical costs. The report is based on a comprehensive survey collected from several large purchasing organizations that collectively represent the interests of more than 5 million public sector employees and retirees. It highlights traditional and innovative strategies to sustain drug affordability and examines how public sector purchasers contract with pharmacy benefit managers to provide pharmaceutical benefits to their beneficiaries.

Webinar | Tuesday, December 12, 2023

The Institute hosted a webinar to unveil its first research product, a white paper that explores how public-sector healthcare purchasers are addressing rising drug costs. The paper draws upon data we collected from public sector purchasers on their cost-contained approaches, including how they contract with pharmacy benefit managers.